Cup of Excellence 2021

The Honduras Coffee Cup of Excellence is a program dedicated to the promotion and competition for the best score related to coffee attributes. To be held from March 15 to 31, 2021 with the participation of producers from all over the country, in a conference coordinated by the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE) whose most anticipated date by coffee growers is June 11, when they will be know the names of the producers who wins the award for the best coffees produced in Honduras, of which only one will come out as “national champion.”


Between March 15 and 31, producers registered in the IHCAFE database who are interested in participating in the event, will be able to register at the offices authorized to receive the samples. Interested parties must present their identity and producer card, and may compete with any variety of coffee, using any of the washing, honey or natural processes. This sample “must be representative of the 2020-2021 harvest lot and be free of foreign odors or chemicals.” Additionally, the last three harvests must have been reported to be eligible. Coffee producers compete on the basis of points, and as explained by the IHCAFE, whoever is the winner will be the one who manages to impress the panel of judges with the most exotic notes of their bean and surpasses the barrier of 87 points.

Meet Orieta Pinto, QA Coordinator for IHCAFE and Logistics Coordinator for Honduras Cup of Excellence.

And as the entity responsible for the internal organization of the event, it will facilitate all the logistics necessary for the activity to achieve success and the desired results. The “Cup of Coffee Excellence” (COE, acronym in English) in its seventh edition will have as a novelty the full integration of the technological era and remote events as a new modality due to the covid-19 pandemic. In the stages of the day, the national and international jury will use software specially designed for tasting the aromatic itself, which will facilitate the knowledge of the results of the coffees that have been tasted. In addition, the so-called “Global Cupping Centers” will be used, distributed in the United States, European countries and Asia for the international final stage, in which the judges will be in charge of tasting the coffees that pass with notes above 87 points.

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