The Alliance of Women in Coffee – IWCA Honduras AMUCAFE constitutes a platform for the management of support projects for the Honduran rural family, through empowered women in coffee, it aims to achieve greater visibility of the importance and different roles with which women contribute to the Honduran socio-economy. Through excellent performance in several initiatives executed in direct collaboration with support funds from international and national donors that have bet on women in coffee, institutional strengthening and support has been achieved that has positioned the organization as an active  partner for any organization interested in supporting Honduras. Either to strengthen the institutional and individual capacities of the members on gender and productivity issues; to increase their empowerment, leadership, and positioning at community and organizational levels. The implementation of these projects have provided women in the benefited supply chain with the necessary tools to be competitive in their company at a national and international level.

(W-GDP) - Rainforest Alliance Honduras

Global Development and Women's Prosperity Initiative 

Under the sponsorship of the Rainforest Alliance, a non-profit non-governmental organization that develops a range of projects and programs that provide real and measurable benefits to farmers, forest communities and indigenous peoples around the world, the Alliance of Women in Coffee AMUCAFE – IWCA Honduras (AMUCAFE) is being part of a program to strengthen small producers and their communities through the support of the Activity: Global Development Initiative and Women’s Prosperity (W-GDP) New Alliances: Latin America. Implemented simultaneously at the regional level, it also includes the same involvement in Guatemala and Mexico, thanks to the support of the people of the United States, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The program until its completion on September 30, 2024, will operate throughout the value chain of coffee, cocoa and other related agricultural products, developing and creating new markets to consequently increase the income of the women involved. It aims to reach women at risk and vulnerability by creating new jobs and through seed capital will manage the creation and strengthening of new companies and SMEs. With a strong component of training, awareness from the human rights perspective to promote gender equality and base research to achieve the incidence of women in government policies through the review and implementation of them to benefit more than 1,750 members of both organizations. Other expected results are the improvement of income in more than 3,500 families and the creation of some 1,500 new jobs.

Once the program was running from the design process, it identified and considered the typification of special cases of producers with potential for the development of ventures. It unfolds like this:

  • Implement gender equity practices, to simultaneously build a more just and sustainable society with competitive and profitable businesses.
  • To seek the improvement of the socioeconomic conditions, individual and business capacities of the most vulnerable women in Honduras, achieving better qualifications and a greater volume of the presence of these producers in the markets.

  • Develop training in human rights and the incidence of women in the production chains, adapted to the specific needs of SMEs in order to facilitate access to credit and seed capital.

  • Provide women with technical assistance for the production and undertakings of coffee, cocoa, and other marketing chains where they will actively participate.


Beneficiary Members




New Jobs

As Co-executors of the Program for Honduras, REDMUCH – Red de Mujeres Cacaoteras y Chocolateras de Honduras will also participate, so directly the beneficiaries will be women from the northern and western regions of the country directly in the departments of Ocotepeque, Copán, Colón. , Santa Bárbara and Atlántida and indirectly other areas of the national territory. This cohesive factor between both organizations that will share interrelated knowledge on climate change and gender issues, directly related, will promote the participation and involvement of women with greater voice and access to achieve a more equitable position in the sector where they operate.


Climate Change

The climate change trend is clear and, if we do not act in time, also irreversible. Experts agree that during this century global temperatures will continue to rise, with increases of between 1.5º and 4.5º in the hottest months and has immediate consequences such as the rise in sea level and the melting of the poles. To this must be added that periods of rain and drought will become more unpredictable and extreme.

Improving the quality of life of cocoa and coffee producing families in western Honduras

In collaboration with the ETEA Foundation and the project Improving the quality of life of families that produce cocoa and coffee in Western Honduras, the strengthening of the Alianza Mujeres en Café de Honduras (AMUCAFE) will be developed to improve the technical capacities of the members. find new market niches for women and promote organization for political advocacy in decision-making spaces, with a positive impact on the conditions and positions of women in the area

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