Alliance of Women
in Coffee Honduras

The Alliance of Women in Coffee (AMUCAFE) – IWCA Honduras is the association of women involved in the coffee value chain from beans to cups that under the slogan “PROMOTING POSSIBILITIES” is dedicated to supporting, promoting and strengthening skills and capacities of women involved in coffee-related activities. Constituting a forum for connection and exchange of experiences and knowledge that inspires and empowers women through access to training, learning and information, advocating for reducing barriers for women and providing access to markets.

And it represents women in national and international forums to make visible the role of women involved in the coffee business. It is a chapter of the IWCA – International Women’s Coffee Alliance, a non-profit organization established in 2003 under the laws of the State of California (USA), whose mission is to “Empower women in the International Coffee Community to achieve a meaningful and sustainable life; and stimulate recognition of the participation of women in all segments of the coffee industry. For any questions or more information and details, contact us.

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